High Speed Plans

If you need 24 hour a day, seven day a week access to the internet, you need a high speed plan from!

Because you're permanently connected with a high speed plan, you're not charged for the amount of time you're online, only the amount of information you transfer.
We have a choice of High Speed Plans:
Cable cable connections are available to people living in cable connectable areas in Wellington and Christchurch.

To check residential plans, pricing and availability, call 0800 299300 or visit Vodafone.
Paradise and PDQ Broadband

Available almost everywhere, the perfect home broadband solution has arrived. It's called Pretty Damn Quick Broadband. We call it PDQ for short. PDQ is affordable, it's simple and you design it. Find out more or Sign Up online.


Citylink is the fibre optic network that connects much of the Wellington central business district and allows high speed internet access at either 10 megabits or 100 megabits per second.

Because Citylink is not available in other cities, the Citylink plan is only available to Wellington customers. Wellington customers who are not in the CBD can connect to Citylink by way of a Vodafone Cable Modem and surf at speeds of up to 2 megabits per second.

Please note that the Citylink plan does not include any delivery or hardware costs charged by Citylink.

    Cost starts from $80 for 512MB of traffic.
    Additional Traffic

Up to $0.20 per MB


To start a Citylink plan, send email to

All plans are prepaid and are based on a 28 day billing cycle, with the exception of plans bundled with other Vodafone services which are based on a monthly billing cycle.

If you'd like permanent access to the net, then click here to join.

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