About Paradise

About Paradise

Here at paradise.net we have some of the most competitive internet access plans around. We pride ourselves on our ability to get the net into your home or business at a better price than just about everyone else! Whether you just use the net for email each day, you're into real time gaming or you're interested in developing your own home page - paradise.net is fully geared to looking after your needs.

As well as having great internet access, when you join paradise.net you'll get up to six email addresses and free helpdesk support. With the Paradise 150 and Paradise 250 plans you will also get 10 Megabytes of space for your own website absolutely free!


These are the things that make us different:

- We don't charge any set up fees.

- We promise to try and provide you with the fastest download around.

We're not called paradise.net for nothing - Click here to join now!

Service Status

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